One of the 8 Sichuan delicacies is Bear Paw and a variety of Bear meat dishes.These are illegal, although available in restaurants across the globe. The longest traditions are in slack parts of Asia. One of the main problems associated is that one must have a fresh Bear paw, and the fact that the Bear needs it also for integrity. Sadly, it is likely to lose one at a time.. until it is required. For this it will wait in a cage, out the back of the establishment with up to dozens of other peers.Cambodian culture has a special guillotine to amputate. The purveyors and connoisseurs both know that the front paws are tenderer and the left paw is one that the bear licks the most, so that is the most sought after.The back paws are cheaper and tougher from being walked on. The price on the plate fetches up to US $1000 and sometimes more.

First, either kill the bear barbarically, by hitting it with sticks, iron bars or whatever is handy, or remove a paw without killing the animal. Unfortunately the bear paw is preferred to be cut off while the bear is still alive, but after beating the animal its adrenalin has rushed through its body and this makes the meat more tender claims the mostly Asian clientele. It is sealed in a plastic bag soon after removal.. Some Bears are lowered in cages live onto the fire so they die slowly in the flames before cooking and can't escape. The gourmands take pleasure in seeing the animal in pain and sit in tour group circles, around the fire waiting to consume it after it is cooked.

If you want Bear paw soup, usually you must order it 2 or 3 days in advance to fetch and prepare it. Usually you need to be in China, Vietnam, Cambodia or Japan Taiwan and if you are lucky, you get to participate in the illegal bludgeoning of this animal...sick people huh??!! .A person who eats bear paws is believed to acquire the strength and vigor of a bear, and the consumption of bear flesh is believed to enhance one's virility.

Arktofile proposes that consumers must give their right arm for the bear paw as a fair exchange and the same for gall bladder!


A serious recipe - dont get carried away though!

1 unfortunate Bear's paw

some pigeon eggs

1 red cherry


Shaoxing wine

chicken fat




delicious soup ... ahhhh of course - delicious soup!!!


chestnut powder

Clean the unfortunate Bear's paw in soda water, remove the hair, crust and bones after boiling, wrap it in a cloth, braise it together with chicken and duck sternums, ham, chives, ginger, Shaoxing wine, and delicious soup.

After boiling, stew them for 2 hours, change the soup water 3 times during the while to eliminate odour. (oh for God's sake! you are going to eat this thing anyway] Then steam it with delicious soup, wine, gingerin a food steamer for 2 hours.

Put the shelled pigeon eggs, chives, ginger, wine in the delicious soup for late use. Braise the bear's paw, chives, ginger, delicious soup and necessary seasonings to boiling, stew them for 5 minutes, then put in water chestnut powder to make paste over a strong fire, turn the poor unfortunate Bear's paw over, pour chicken fat on it, move it into a dish.

Put the water chestnut powder in 2 to braise them into paste, pour chicken fat on, then place the pigeon eggs around the poor unfortunate Bear's paw, put the red cherry on it and viola! You have a very morally and ethically irresponsible dish that probably stinks!

Well, we hope you all get caught and return as a bear feast in the next life! [not really but think about it.]