ARKTOFILE PRESENTS DaFreeBears in BEAR PHARMinc. Fresh for 080808. AT LAST! Bears that have been tortured for bile and paws all these years have a bear brother outside of a cage that is prepared to farm a bile fARMer [insidious butcher] in response to what he does to them. This film was based on the true story below. This is the most shocking documented account of a bile farm to be found : ( Apart from the shlock and silliness, BEAR PHARMinc. delivers a sporty social comment, and introduces the concept of AGRICOLA DEOXYCHOLIC ACID! BEAR PHARMinc. was made in Brisbane QLD Australia. Written and produced by Martie Bear with pride alongside Talitha Herrick, Chinta King, Simon Peart and Nicandro. Filmed and edited generously by Lizard of OZ media. Thanks to all our helpers everywhere. Please purchase this film in PAL DVD format through the link below and show everybody, even copy it! Please also consider supporting WSPA, Free The Bears, and Animals Asia. Search the web!! Watch a REAL bear bile farm video and you will see the torture.... Peace and Love Bears                                                                                                                                                                                                                         THE ARTICLE: "The cruelty of sucking gall bladder juice from live bears in China" World Journal, Wednesday , April 15, 1998 (By Youn Show Lee & Translated by Vicky Ho Lynn from Chinese version). The animal cruelty as reported in the following eye witness story is unbelievable and something must be done to stop it, urgently. Please do anything you can to publicise and stopthis insanity !!!!! A few months ago while on a business trip, I had a chance to visit Angel Bridge at the foot of Long Day Mountain in China. At that time, we also went to explore a large bear farm which is surrounded by forest and beautiful scenery - it is truly an isolated paradise. All of sudden I saw about fifteen large cages with bears in them. The farm owner told me this is a gall bladder farm, the purpose of which is to continuously extract fluid from the bears' gall bladders. Because of the high demand, it is an extremely profitable business. When we arrived at the farm, the bears and the caretaker seemed to be getting along very well, all was calm. Suddenly four huge men showed up and the bears suddenly started screaming fearfully and rocking their cages hard as if they saw a ghost. The caretaker told me every morning at eight o'clock liquid is drawn from their gall bladders. Around seven-forty-five, the bears become agitated and have no appetite to eat and they start screaming and crying desperately for help. In white uniforms, and without any emotion on their faces, the four men went into one of the cages. They quickly used a steel wire to snatch the bear by the neck, at which point the bear's eyes bulged out and it started gnashing its teeth and crying. They are so scared to death and this trauma causes them to defecate at the same time. In the bear's stomach there is a hole with a steel tube inserted directly into the gall bladder. Outside the area there is a plastic tube connected to the steel tube for drawing the liquid. The area is covered tightly with surgical tape. When the time comes, the tape and cover are removed and a syringe is used to withdraw the green liquid from the gall bladder. Three big men went in and pressed bear's 4 legs with force and inserted a syringe into plastic tube . When the dark green gall bladder juice was sucked from bear's body, the poor bear opened her mouth so big, her two eyes were bulging and her entire body was trembling so hard throughout the whole procedure. This kind of severe torturing went on for about two hours until all the bears had been subjected to the same torture. The crying and screaming was so hard and loud and echoed the entire mountain and valley for hours. It frightened me so much, my heart ached and my head started spinning. After this unthinkable torture, the bears used their paws to hold their stomachs. They curled up and shivered and I could see tears in their bright little eyes.......... Around 10:30, someone cried out that there had been an accident in cage number 5 . We followed the owner to rush into the bear farm and were shocked at what we saw. A brown bear had managed to pull out his own intestines and was holding them up in the air, roaring and screaming, as if he were madly "protesting" the cruelty and insanity of the humans. There was blood all over the cage. It was so difficult to watch such a suicidal scene. Never in my life had I been in such shock or so devastated. At that time, someone rang the security alarm, immediately people rushed into the bear farm and waving the sharp ax and big steel hook. The owner shouted : "Hurry to 'rescue' the bear paws!" The man in the cage was reluctant to continue to go forward. But the owner stamped his feet and kept yelling: "You have to cut them off while the bear is alive. That is the only way they are saleable! Right after that, I saw the sharp ax swung and the number 5 bear's paws were immediately chopped off with blood gushing out... Perhaps the killing smell filled in the cage number 5. The other bears then suddenly started to cry and scream sadly and desperately again and had the tendency to be violent. It shook the whole island. The farm owner had a butcher background. When the bears appeared ready to act violently and workers were panicking and running away, the owner stopped them and ordered them to put "steel jackets" on five of the most aggressive bears and give them a shot of morphine. As soon as the bears saw the "steel jackets", they immediately became quiet. It seemed the bears all got the painful lessons from the "steel jackets", otherwise they would not calm down so quickly. This whole unbelievable incident affected me so deeply that their sad and innocent faces haunted me day and night and will continue to haunt me until the day I die. I felt a strong need to expose this incident to the world. Please widely distribute this true story and hope that everyone who reads this will do something to stop this kind of insanity from Chinese bear farms and to help these desperate poor creatures. Definitely, the Chinese Animals protection law needs to be improved, urgently. Reference: Vicky Ho Lynn, founder of "Asians for Humans, Animals & Nature (AHAN)". email address: Tel: 415-379-9937 , Fax: 415-379-9938 Address: 3739 Balboa Street, Suite 228, San Francisco, CA 94121 U.S.A.